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Powerful Habits of Women on the Rise

Powerful Habits of Women on the Rise

You’re a busy and successful woman, up to big (or soon-to-be-big) things in the world. People rely on you for your brains and talent, and you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished and excited about what you’ve yet to do.

There’s just one problem that keeps nagging at you…

You feel frazzled, unfocused, and maybe even a little frumpy. Like the vibrant, POWERFUL woman you remember has packed it up for good. And you know it’s affecting your ability to have, be, and do ALL that you’re meant for in life.

  • Getting that promotion that feels just out of reach
  • Reaching your highest-revenue quarter EVER (or leading your team to reach theirs)
  • Taking your company from upstart to household name
  • Showing up (really showing up) for your boss, your employees, your partner, your friends, your kids

Feeling like you’re not where you want to be SUCKS! Let’s call out the powerhouse, energetic, sparkling version of YOU again, shall we?

In this interactive talk, you’ll learn…

  • The common massive mistake nearly everyone makes when trying to reach ambitious career and life goals (keeping them forever a director and never a VP)
  • The surprising mindset shift you must make in order to show up as your most vibrant and powerful self every day (so you can kick more ass)
  • My top tip for setting goals you’ll be excited and energized about (and how to get out of your own way so that you’ll actually achieve them)
  • The truth about firing on all cylinders in your career and life, and why it sometimes feels impossible (but doesn’t have to when you take care of this one thing)
  • Exactly what to do to accelerate your rise to the top of your career and life… and how to make it happen THIS YEAR!

…and much more!

You’ll leave with a clear plan of action for reclaiming the vibrant, powerful woman you used to be – so you can stop feeling like “This isn’t who I am!” and start rocking your dreams (with energy to spare).


Note: Not an AWAKE-hosted event.

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